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Mendoza Family Dentistry & Associates

General Dentistry

(Formerly: Dr. Cervando Mendoza Acosta DDS)

Basic Dental Treatments Prices in US Dollars
Dental Filling (Composite Resin) Tooth colored $80.00 USD
Tooth Extraction (Excluding wisdom) $80.00 USD
Wisdom Tooth extraction (3rd molar) $80-350 USD
Teeth cleaning (tartar removal + polish) $60.00 USD
Teeth Whitening (take home, full mouth set) $180.00 USD
Deep Cleaning $100.00 USD per quadrant
Removable Prosthesis Prices in US Dollars
Full Denture (Upper or Lower) $450.00 USD
Partial Denture (one or four teeth) $180.00 USD
Partial Temporary Dentures $90.00 USD
Mega Flex / Val Plast elastic partial dentures $450.00 USD
Metal-Acrilic Dentures $600.00 USD
Permanent Prosthesis Prices in US Dollars
Porcelain fused to metal crown $260.00 USD
Porcelain Crown (veneers, laminates, jackets ) $450.00 USD
Porcelain crown (Zirconia, lava) $500.00 USD
Permanente Bridges Price same as crown per material per unit (tooth)
Endodontic Treatment Conduct Prices in US Dollars
Front Tooth (one conduct) $200.00 USD
Bicuspid Tooth (two conducts) $250.00 USD
Molar Tooth (three or more conducts) $350.00 USD
Core build up $100.00 USD
Glass Fiber post $160.00 USD
Dental Implants & Surgery Prices in US Dollars
Titanium Dental Implant Sale until Autumn $900.00 USD (reg. price $1600.00)
Dental Implant Abutment (titanium post crown holder) $200.00 USD
Bone graft (includes surgery and membrane) $350.00 USD (per area)
Sinus Lift (Surgery, bone graft, membrane) $2000 USD (per side)