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Dr. Cervando Mendoza Acosta, D.D.S.

Dr Cervando Mendoza Acosta has over 40 years of experience as a general dentist and implant specialist. Since 1979 he has installed more than 7000 implants at his Tijuana dental office.

Dr Cervando Mendoza Acosta received his certificate in dentistry from Autonomous University of Coahuila Mexico in 1975.

After graduation from dental school at Autonomous University of Coahuila, Dr. Cervando Mendoza continued his Post-Graduate Studies by attending many courses at prestigious universities in the United States. Dr. Cervando Mendoza attended classes and trainings at The American Foundation in Tucson Arizona, Loma Linda University in California, and Harvard University in Massachusetts where he received a diploma at each for his training. Dr. Cervando Mendoza has attended hundreds of conferences in the United States to receive training on the latest dental techniques and technology.

Dr. Cervando Mendoza Acosta speaks fluent English. He is not only experienced with working on international clients in Tijuana, but also with working on patients in the United States during his post-graduate training at Harvard.

Dr. Cervando Mendoza Acosta specializes in dental implants, dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation in Tijuana. He also practices General Dentistry and can take care of all your dental needs. His General Dentistry practices includes: fillings, extractions, cleaning, bonding, porcelain caps, gold caps, laminate veneers, porcelain dentures, acrylic dentures, partial dentures veneers removable bridges, root canals, porcelain teeth whitening, prosthesis and all General Dentistry needs. Both his daughter Maria Mendoza Posey, DDS, a root canal specialist, and his son Luis Mendoza, DDS work in his general dentistry office, ready to do any dental work you need.

Tijuana Dentist Dr. Luis Mendoza

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Dr. Maria de los Ángeles Mendoza Posey, D.D.S. : M.C.O.E.

Dr. Maria de los Angeles Mendoza Posey graduated from Dentistry at Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico in 2003. In order to stay on the cutting edge of science and technology, Dr. Maria de los Angeles Mendoza Posey finished her postgraduate master degree in Endodontics (M.C.O.E.) at Autonomous University of Coahuila (UAC) in Torreon Coahulia, Mexico.

With a general practice residency at UAC, Dr. Maria de los Angeles Mendoza Posey completed a two-year endodontic residency at same university. Dr. Maria de los Angeles Mendoza Posey is now part of the permanent staff of Mendoza Family Dentistry.

Dr. Maria de los Angeles Mendoza Posey uses the most advanced endodontic techniques and revolutionary equipment for endodontic treatments such as ProTapes, Endosiques and K3.

Tijuana Dentist Dr. Ma. Angeles. Mendoza

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Dr. Luis Alberto Mendoza Enríquez, D.D.S.

Dr. Luis Mendoza graduated with a degree in Dentistry at Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico in 2010, and has successfully finished one year of Surgical Prosthetic Implants at the same university in 2014. Dr. Luis Mendoza continues to advance his dental technique through rigorous dental education courses.

Dr. Luis Mendoza is an entrepreneur dentist trained for more than eight years by Dr. Cervando Mendoza Acosta, DDS highlighting the new generation of Dentistry. He always seeks perfection in his work by practicing hard effort, preparation, investigation, and humility.

Tijuana Dentist Dr. Luis Mendoza

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"My devotion is to worship God with all my work and effort. My commitment is to give back to people in the most natural way, their oral health by preventing disease. My goal is treat people like a human being with love and to give them the knowledge needed to keep their mouth healthy as long as possible." – Dr. Luis Alberto Mendoza Enriquez