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Mendoza Family Dentistry & Associates

General Dentistry

(Formerly: Dr. Cervando Mendoza Acosta DDS)

Welcome to Mendoza Family Dentistry! Our dental office provides the best in dental care by offering a clean, safe environment where we can service all of your dental needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority because every dentist at Mendoza Family Dentistry takes pride in their work. With over 64 years of combined experience, our dental staff of three board certified dentists will make sure you are fully satisfied with your visit.

Mendoza Family Dentistry has established a leading position in cosmetic and restorative Dentistry nationally and internationally. We are dedicated to providing our patients the highest quality of care and service. From dental cleanings to full mouth restorations, we work with our patients’ budget and schedule to meet their needs. Our service is unrivaled since we use the latest dental equipment and techniques available. As experts in dental implants, smile makeovers, crowns, and veneers, we provide you a service that’s simply unsurpassed.

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Our in-house laboratory allows us to offer a full range of restorative and cosmetic treatments. This, combined with our highly experienced team of dental specialists, can start your journey to a beautiful and confident smile.

The founder of Mendoza Family Dentistry, Dr. Cervando Mendoza Acosta, DDS, is a dental implant specialist who has installed more than 7,000 dental implants since 1978. He has certifications from American Foundation in Arizona, Harvard University in Massachusetts, and Loma Linda University in California. Dr. Mendoza is celebrating over 40 years serving the border cities of Tijuana BC in Mexico and San Diego CA in USA.

Mendoza Family Dentistry office is located in the metropolitan heart of Tijuana City in Baja California. Located on the sixth floor, our office provides a friendly relaxed atmosphere and a panoramic view of Tijuana. Whether you are here on vacation or just for a visit, five star hotels and restaurants are a short car ride away from the office.

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