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Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetic replacements for missing teeth. They are best described as a natural tooth root substitute. If the bone in the jaw is weak, a bone graft is often used to make the bone firm enough to hold an implant. A patient normally needs to wait six months or less depending on the quality of the bone for complete osseointegration of the jaw.

Dental implants can hold a single crown, a permanent bridge, or full reach (all in 4). Dental implants can also be used to hold over-dentures (see examples). The longevity and success of dental implants are directly related to good oral hygiene and checkups. All dental implant treatment should schedule yearly checkups.

Tijuana Dentist Four Implants In - After
Tijuana Dentist Four Implants In - Before

Dental implants may not be placed in:

  • Chain smokers.
  • Patients with endocrine disorders like: uncontrolled diabetes, pituitary and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Patients with active infections like tuberculosis and temporal flu.
  • Patients with active lesions such as cysts, abscesses or periodontal pus.
  • Patients with anatomical restrictions like: insufficient space for implant placement.
  • Patients with certain psychological disorders.
  • Patients with certain prescriptions like corticosteroids.
  • Patients with bone disorders like fibrous dysplasia.
  • Patients with hematological disorders like hemophilia.

Permanent prosthesis

Zirconia Crowns:

Tijuana Dentist Sirconia Full Bridge Down - Before
Tijuana Dentist Sirconia Full Bridge Down - After
Tijuana Dentist Sirconia Full Bridge Top - Before
Tijuana Dentist Sirconia Full Bridge Top - After

Over Denture Locators:

Tijuana Dentist Overdenture